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Dr Serine Warwar


Teaching Faculty

Dr. Serine Warwar, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and is the director of the Centre for Emotion-focused Therapy in Toronto, Ontario.

Dr. Warwar has been an EFT skills trainer for 24 years and provides EFT supervision to graduate students and therapists. Under her direction, the Centre provides EFT training to professionals and graduate students, and provides EFT therapy to individual and couples.

She is also a faculty member of the Emotion-focused Therapy Institute with the York University Psychology Clinic at York University where she does skills training. She conducts international trainings and workshops on individual and couples EFT.

Dr. Warwar has also applied and adapted EFT to working with vulnerable clinical populations: chronically suicidal individuals, domestically violent men in prison, borderline personality disorder, and trauma.

Dr. Warwar has been a therapist and research collaborator for several EFT randomized control trials, for the treatment of depression, and emotional injuries in individuals and couples.

She co-developed an EFT psychotherapy treatment and research program for forgiveness to help couples and individuals resolve emotional injuries. In addition, her process-outcome research has contributed to our understanding of emotional processing in EFT.

She has published in the areas of emotional processing, emotion regulation, suicide and borderline personality disorder, resolving emotional injuries, experiential teaching, homework, and forgiveness in couples.

Dr. Warwar is available to Alberta therapists for consultations and EFT supervision. She DOES NOT engage in therapy/counselling in Alberta.